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Strangers in a sauna talk about sex, love and porn

I sought out the sauna at my local gym wanting to get warm after three solid weeks of hard Austin winter.  After saying ‘hi’ to a woman on the lower bench we started talking about her philosophy class.  She complained … Continue reading

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Bathing Ritual as a form of Renewl

  In the Temple of sensual connection, and renewal…the lush green plants of the bathroom sparkled in the sunlight. The faint smell of jasmine drifted on the air, as we walked through the door to an indoor paradise of pleasure … Continue reading

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The Secret of Continuous Orgasm

There is a pulse inside our bodies, deeper than heartbeat, below the level of synaptic firing. This pulse aligns us with the rhythm of life. This pulse attunes us to the music of creation. When we surrender to this trembling … Continue reading

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