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The Women Know What I’m Talking ‘Bout (So Men, Listen Up!)

When the Sexual Healing Project was announced on Deep Masculine, who stood up and cheered? Overwhelmingly, women. They’re the ones who recognize the battle scars in their own bodies. They’re the ones who get spooked When Sexual Wounds from the … Continue reading

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Sacred Spot Rub for Lovers!

Sacred Spot Rub for Lovers The physical, spiritual, and sensual aspects of prostate massage – and why every man should have it done, regularly! Women can join in on the fun too! Physically every man regardless of desire needs to … Continue reading

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We need to Cultivate a Scientific, Factually-Based View of Sex

I’ve been thinking lately about the need for a sexual bill of rights. A document that helps protect us from crazy despot dictators and insane religious leaders who view sex as an enemy combatant, or worse yet, a mortal sin … Continue reading

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