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Sexy Aging: When in doubt, Eat a Gaggle of Greens

Being trim and healthy is a big part of feeling sexy. Keeping extra weight off keeps us sexually on! About age forty I noticed I was gaining weight, and at age fifty I was shocked to see the scales. I … Continue reading

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What is Energy-Sex?

I just finished shooting/directing a DVD on the subject of energetic-sex mastery. So this week, I thought it would be cool to share some insights on the subject. Firstly, what is energetic sexuality, or energy-sex? I sometimes call energy-sex hands … Continue reading

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Sexual Initiations

From a guest contributor: Inara de Luna The Egyptian Goddess Isis was known, among other things, as the Initiator into the Sexual Mysteries. In some ancient cultures, young people were initiated into the sexual aspects of their lives by … Continue reading

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