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Sex Creates Realities

from Make no mistake about it: sex is power. Kingdoms rise and fall for sex. Societies legislate marriage to control sex. Churches advocate celibacy, on pain of hell. They want to keep the genie in the bottle. The raw … Continue reading

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The Secret to a Quiet Mind is Pleasure, Bliss, & Orgasm

I’m a published author of a self help book, so lots of people ask me deep questions about the meaning of life. I’m always taken aback by the sincerity of the questioners. Today, for example, I was working with a … Continue reading

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Energetic body bliss

Imagine this: a beautiful naked woman lying on the massage table. Her whole body convulsing in full body orgasms while a talented practitioner slowly works their hands over her soft and alive flesh. She breaths her passion up into her … Continue reading

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