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Masturbation is the Continual Journey of Self Exploration, Self Esteem & Pure Pleasure

“My wife is leaving me. This is really bad,” he said in an urgent message on my voice mail this weekend. “Why is she leaving?” I asked when I reached him. “Because she found out I was looking at porn,” … Continue reading

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The Image of God Has Taken on its Own Identity

Here’s something crazy. A recent scientific study showed that anthropomorphic forms (things that aren’t human but look human) “inhibit the tendency to extend the self.” This means that the more human something looks, the more we believe that it’s separate … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Sexual Liberation Will Eventually Lead Us to Question Our Beliefs

Ok, I admit it. I’m angry. I have been working all this month to rehabilitate a student of mine who was raised Catholic. She lives in Seattle, which is a progressive city. Yet in spite of her yearning to be … Continue reading

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We Demonize Female Sexuality – Even If the Sex is Forced Upon Her & Beyond Her Control

I want to illustrate how deeply the hating of women runs in our cultural psyche, and how subtle and difficult it is to detect – especially because of the evolutionary limitations of our brain’s capacity to distinguish reality, from noises, … Continue reading

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What IS Kundalini?

I was leading a workshop called The NEW Relationship Roadmap in Sedona, Arizona this weekend. One of the questions that came up during the workshop relates to something called “awakened kundalini” energy. So what is kundalini? If you have never … Continue reading

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It’s Our Ability to Feel Pleasure that Helps Us Develop a Sense of Self Deserving

Cultivating self pleasure is essential. We process our sexual feelings through our bodies. Because we’ve been taught about the evils of sex, scary feelings often fill our bodies. Until the early development of agriculture appeared, sex was not evil, nor … Continue reading

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