Bathing Ritual as a form of Renewl


In the Temple of sensual connection, and renewal…the lush green plants of the bathroom sparkled in the sunlight. The faint smell of jasmine drifted on the air, as we walked through the door to an indoor paradise of pleasure and possibility. He stood before me, open to receive the gifts of the Goddess.

As I removed his shirt, my fingernails lightly skimmed over his skin; rivers of pleasure, energetic orgasms vibrated his body. I slowly undid his pants, button by button exposing his beautiful body to the sunlight which streamed through the window.

On my knees, I removed first one pant leg and then the other as he stepped on to the solid stone floor. The water running into the bathtub from a urn. The sound of the splashing reverberated through out the room.

I lead him to the waiting waters, he sank down into her, sliding into wetness. His eyes closing in ecstasy. With cupped hands, I draw the water over him. Running my hands along his skin, I return again and again to dip in.

As time passes, all parts of his body are covered with nurturing touch and the warmth of the Goddess. I move down to his feet and take his wet toes into my warm, inviting mouth. Gently caressing each toe with adoration and delight.

After a good long offering of touch, I move into cleansing him with the slippery addition of soap. Scrubbing his body to remove whatever weigh of the world he might be carrying. Creating a fresh opportunity to step into the moment, clean and clear.

He is heavy with relaxation, and pleasure. A slow smile creeps into his eyes, as the awareness of our time coming to a close.

Yes, the Goddess is generous in her blessings. Our lives are a reflection of the beauty which is possible.

Thank you Goddess, it is an honor and pleasure to Serve.

About Tara Rose

Tara Rose, Sacred Intimate, is passionate about offering nurturing touch and healing to our world. She is honored to Serve humanity by creating a dialogue to engage the Mind, Body, and Spirit. She works with men, women and couples to create inspirational catalysts for change and growth in their lives. She is honored to Moderate this blog.
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