We need to Cultivate a Scientific, Factually-Based View of Sex

I’ve been thinking lately about the need for a sexual bill of rights. A document that helps protect us from crazy despot dictators and insane religious leaders who view sex as an enemy combatant, or worse yet, a mortal sin to be demolished.

We need to cultivate a scientific, factually based view of sex, and enact sweeping reforms that protect the sex health rights of all individuals – including those who are ardently opposed to such ideas. It is truly time to mandate that science catch up to reality.

People are having lots and lots of sex.

It is a crime against humanity that people can have sex and still potentially die. There is something wrong with our culture that we have not protected sexuality with the same fervor that we have protected our cities, countries, and ideals. Sex is the basis of life. Without sex there are no cities, countries, or religions.

Sex must be considered one of our most basic human rights. However, because suppression of sex has been so tightly bound to religion thinking – it has left us feeling that there is something inherently wrong with sexuality.

This is completely misguided. Sex is a basic freedom – and it must be protected.

Without sex there is no life. And if we can never freely have sex without the specter of death lurking somewhere in the shadows of reality – or in depths of our psyche perpetuating fear and anxiety – there can be no true sexual freedom, no expansive education, no durable sexual liberation.

Sex education leads to liberation. So does asking questions. Free your body, free your mind.
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