Every body needs touch.

I received a call the other day from a very sweet man. It was his first time calling a erotic provider, and he did not have any idea what to say. I asked him if he was looking for some companionship and human connection. I could almost hear the weight slide off his mind, as he said…yes…exactly.

Then his story poured out of him. A dam released a river of long pent up feeling and frustration. He felt safe. As he continued he shared a deep view of vulnerability and the challenges he was facing in his life. “All I want is someone to hold me“…he shared. By now my heart is fully present and I am sending him sweet, compassionate Love. Unfortunately, we are not in the same town, and I am not able to schedule a session with him as soon as I would like.

I hear you. You are held here. I understand.

These words can be so powerful in times of stress and challenge in our lives. That I am able to authentically offer them, in this moment I felt so honored. So connected. If I can be of some small comfort to this suffering being, I will have been in Service.

Intimacy is the connection between individuals. When we step into the space of us, and beyond the limitations of our perceived separation we are empowered to have intercourse for that moment. We can make love with more than our physical bodies. I was touched by this gentle-man. He offered me the view of his heart, and together our hearts met for a short conversation.

That is one of the reasons I am called to share these Arts.

Thank you sweet man, for showing me the beauty of your authentic feeling. You are held.

Blessings, Tara Rose


About Tara Rose

Tara Rose, Sacred Intimate, is passionate about offering nurturing touch and healing to our world. She is honored to Serve humanity by creating a dialogue to engage the Mind, Body, and Spirit. She works with men, women and couples to create inspirational catalysts for change and growth in their lives. She is honored to Moderate this blog.
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