Female Erotic Massage class: the Carnal and Sacred

When I teach my erotic massage classes, a room full of fidgety ‘strangers’ magically transforms into a gathering of relaxed, curious and appreciative friends. Amazingly, in just a few hours we take a sacred journey, beyond silence and shame, that most people–and couples–never take in a lifetime.

At last week’s class I demonstrated on a lovely woman model how to set the stage for a woman’s surrender into pleasure, spirit, and healing. The sixteen students learned and some practiced whole body massage stokes, how to ‘language’ permission, give a g-spot massage, and enjoy the lost art of going nowhere slowly.

With upmost respect, the class of men and women, ranging from 27 to 77years, created a space that felt like a cathedral for the carnal and the sacred. We shared camaraderie, personal stories, tips, and laughter. The room felt like a temple with us breathing together. Our sacrament was honoring the human body; our prayer was to touch like an angel.

In addition to my instruction, many women suggested ways they like their breasts and genitals touched such as, “I like more of this and less of that.” Or, “I didn’t know the outer lips could be massaged like that.” The men graciously drank in the experience and offered their heartfelt appreciation, “I never realized how important it is to create safety by asking for permission before touching, or even how to ask.”

All of us (not just me!) became teachers, for and with each other. It felt like a new era had dawned, exchanging positive (and accurate!) sex information between folks who practice it! What if we could do that as easily as exchanging recipes or exercise routines?

My students wanted to know, “How do you touch a woman so she relaxes, opens like a flower, and surrenders her internal cathedral of carnal and spiritual delights?” We all became sensual virtuosos exploring the Body Electric. Look what the initial, tentative ‘strangers’ risked by coming to class, look what they walked away with.

In our closing circle, we looked again into each other’s eyes. We had changed. We were no longer strangers, rather we saw each other as another face of the Divine, each deserving of pleasure, safety and reverence. We had witnessed the divine Masculine and Feminine at play, searching for wholeness and believing in ourselves.

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