Gender and the Healing Arts

I recently have been thinking about Gender (masculinity and femininity) in the context of practitioners. In my experience I find we choose those who we feel will best touch the part of ourselves that we are seeking to be addressed. Sometimes that looks like a male being, and sometimes a female “skin suit”.

Yes we are all unique, and bring our unique talents to the healing space. What I have been pondering recently is if one is truly in a healing space does it matter weather the physical skinsuit is one sex or another? The act of healing is one that is Self (as in our own Self) initiated. Our own choices,our allowing and embracing of the healing that is possible. So does it “matter” what container that comes to us from?

There can be a difference between desire (those who “turn us on”) and those who we find for a healing partner. Sexual desire can be one aspect, but if that is the only determining factor what other aspects such as skills, personality, wisdom are we leaving behind? As a holistic perspective Physical is one important aspect, but there is also Mental (what we think), and Soul (what our Spirit says).

Back to gender :) Ok, so as someone who plays with this energy, my gender can be a inspiration for people to come to see me, however as a healer I am not limited to just a female perspective. There are aspects of the masculine that can be called upon, as well as “undifferentiated” pure Energy. When that is called into play, the healing is the Intent and the physical presence of the person facilitating the energy transfer is a conduit.

So Intent is important. What is your desired intent? What are you calling into Being? What flavor of sharing will serve your healing best? Be aware of expectations, and limiting the experience. Listen to your heart, your body, and your instincts. They will guide you.

Safe and Lucid journey’s for all your healing paths.

About Tara Rose

Tara Rose, Sacred Intimate, is passionate about offering nurturing touch and healing to our world. She is honored to Serve humanity by creating a dialogue to engage the Mind, Body, and Spirit. She works with men, women and couples to create inspirational catalysts for change and growth in their lives. She is honored to Moderate this blog.
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