Graceful transitions: Death and dying in a field of Love.

For the past couple of days our Community has been holding space for a beautiful offering of what gentle, conscious death can be. With the sudden transition from seemingly vital health, to an inoperable brain tumor that was found to be ravaging this gentle woman’s brain…it was shared she only had a day or two to live.

Her beloved, brought her home…and a Community vigil began. From all over the world, words of Love and support arrived. Local family, and community met at the woman’s residence. Songs were sung, the laying on of hands and whispers of sweet tender gratitude were shared to help guide her on her journey.

On the internet pictures of the process were Lovingly shared, an offering of intimacy and tender connection. Heart felt offerings of witness of the journey, posted to the site, were shared often. A feeling of connection and the blessings of Love emanated to all.

The call of shared experience “May our Hearts BREAK OPEN WITH GREATER LOVE & APPRECIATION for each moment of life on Planet Earth”…for gratitude for our precious time here, with each other.

Now upon reflection, what really touches me the deepest in witnessing this unfolding journey, has been… what a blessing it is to see the ease and grace which Love holds. For me, one of my deepest fears is dying alone. As a society we do not have many pictures of what a transition with Community and Love looks like.

When I think about Death, as shown in our Society, I think of the shocking images of sudden, terror and heart wrenching pain. For me the worst fear is to die as “Willy Loman” in Death of a Salesman. That fear of disconnection, and the constant nagging internal critic which yells…you have touched no one in your life! There will be no one there for you when you leave this world…the ultimate fear of abandonment.

Now to have a different picture in my Soul, feels comforting. May we all be held by our family and friends as we transition into the state of Death. May our journey be so supported, and the tenderness of our path be honored.

I now have a new vision in my heart. When it is time for me to transition into the realm of All, may Community be present with me in such a beautiful and connective way. The Songs of our Souls, rising in appreciation for a life lived and for a journey still unfolding.

Blessings to you dearHeart, for your beautiful last gifts to this world. They will live on within.


About Tara Rose

Tara Rose, Sacred Intimate, is passionate about offering nurturing touch and healing to our world. She is honored to Serve humanity by creating a dialogue to engage the Mind, Body, and Spirit. She works with men, women and couples to create inspirational catalysts for change and growth in their lives. She is honored to Moderate this blog.
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