Is Your Sex life Sustainable? The Boom-Boom Times Are over, My Friend.

Here’s another way those dirty secrets – sex and money – are intertwined:

The U.S. is in the midst of an immense economic reorganization. The old paradigm of onward-and-upward, endless growth has shattered, and we’re wandering dazed through the debris.

Our revised goals? Survival and sustainability.

It’s no coincidence that our collective sex lives have taken a similar nosedive. Gone are the adrenaline and testosterone that fueled the BIGGER! HARDER! FASTER! school of masculinity.

The boom-boom times are over, my friend.

Are you poised to take advantage of the emerging sexual paradigm? Or will you ride the old dinosaurs all the way down into the tar pits?

The sex lives that will survive these downsized times will focus on the same themes that will drive the new green economy.

Deep connection to the earth and nature’s cycles. (Read: Deep connections to our bodies, not our most outrageous fantasies.)

Stay close to home. (Intimacy. Family. Trust.)

Grow your own food. (Feed the relationships that nurture you.)

Community. (Know your partners. Have a supportive circle of friends. “Shop” locally.)

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle. (Read: Work it out instead of always moving on.)

Learn how to enjoy what’s already here, instead of chasing after what’s not.

These shifts can be beautiful, if you know how to put down roots… and actually draw nourishment from what’s at hand.

Will your sex life survive this cataclysmic reordering?

Can you walk away from unsustainable exploitation (of yourself and others)?

Can you work in harmony with the natural rhythms of life?

Those who can, will thrive.

Those who won’t give up the unsustainable dream of empire… well, I’ve got 4 words for you.

Tar pits. Gravity. Godzilla.

Adapt or die.

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