Sacred Spot Rub for Lovers!

Sacred Spot Rub for Lovers

The physical, spiritual, and sensual aspects of prostate massage
– and why every man should have it done, regularly!
Women can join in on the fun too!

Physically every man regardless of desire needs to have his prostate checked from time to time to assure it is healthy and not swollen. Most men at the age of 40 are recommended by their doctors to begin this type of physical at least once a year. It is healthy and responsible for a man to have his prostate checked for prevention of various prostate issues which include cancer.

Spiritually it is believed in tantric philosophy that the nerves and pleasures experienced in the anal canal in men and women are sensitive and provide for a more direct access in releasing kundalini energy. This Kundalini energy is an extra power source we have in our bodies in energetic form that makes us more powerful and gives us abilities to add to our strength in body mind and spirit. The prostate doesn’t necessarily have to be accessed in the anal canal to release Kundalini energy. It doesn’t even have to be involved at all. I am simply saying that the nerves in the anal canal about two or more inches in length inside the anus, plenty of space before you reach the prostate add a lot of pleasure and is useful for the energy work we are talking about now. Women have these same nerve endings inside of their anal canal as well and can receive the same pleasure and power. In women it has been reported that many enjoy the easy access to their G-Spot that is in the pussy and can be contacted through the anus. Wow!

Sensuality is about seduction, charm, and love. And when we allow all of our body to play with sexual pleasure all over and inside of ourselves we become more open and connected to life in many ways.

Penetrating the anus and allowing this experience to happen is to say that you are willing to add to your pleasure and grow in your ability to love another and yourself. When we awaken to this type of intense sensation we are in essence saying yes to life!

Openness happens in many ways and men and women need to release themselves from the judgments of society and let life love and pleasure happen. Anal penetration should be done gently with covered hands and with cream or other lubricant – moving in slowly and discovering if your lover likes it gently moving in and out or deeply in and circling the prostate head.

For women, most enjoy the teasing of the outside and gentle penetration with the fingers and moving in and out which begins to include some pussy licking. Also if you are with a woman who enjoys anal intercourse you can reach levels of pleasure together that can benefit both of you. Just remember the anal wall is tender and can tear if you are to rough. Listen to each other and over time more pressure can be enjoyed.

Goddess Blessings

About Rev. Goddess Charmaine

The Reverend Goddess Charmaine believes in the unification of the spiritual and the physical: to deny that we are sexual beings is to deny our very humanity. In her work, she seeks to enlighten and empower those affected by both societal and sexual issues through spiritual guidance, and sexual counseling where needed.
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