Sensual Massage. A woman’s view.

I love massage.

Both as a healing tool and a hedonistic delight. Many a time I have had the pleasure of Therapeutic massage, hands soothing out my tired and sore muscles. Flowing into a place of relaxation, allowing my mind to wonder as someones hands slide over my skin. These have been sensual in nature for me, however not sensual as most people use this term now. In the majority of body work the sexual and sensual are separated. Fears of abuse, power dynamics, as well as other social constructs.

I have taken massage classes, during which they warned away from any “sensitive” areas. Such as the genitals, nipples, or even the inner thigh. I have had massage practitioner’s stay away from my abdomen as they were warned away from it as a place that might be “off limits” for some clients.

There have been times where my body has been pudding on the table, where I just wished it was”allowed” for the massage practitioner to massage these other parts of my body that long for touch. My nipples, my pussy, my clit. “Ohh please” they shouted out, please share with us touch too. Please bring us to that place of physical pleasure and release. Please allow this body to flow into Orgasm, releasing pleasure chemicals and increasing relaxation.

Is this sexual, sensual, healing, pleasurable, touch?

What is sexual? These have been questions that Body workers have to ask themselves. Personal boundaries come into play. What are people comfortable with? If you come into a massage studio for a sore neck, and get your ankle worked on are you getting what you desire? What you asked for? What your body seeks? The massage field shys away from that which can be called sexual. And yet why? It is one of my favorite things to ponder.

Is not sexuality one of the main drives for human connection? As a whole being are not my genitals just as important as any other part of my body? In our over specific sexualized culture the Penis, and Pussy get the spotlight. Our consciousness has been focused there in a sexual way. What if your whole body gave you Orgasms? *They can!*

No answers here, only questions. A dialog that our world has within it.

Follow your heart.

Let there be love, and connection.

Blessings to All.

About Tara Rose

Tara Rose, Sacred Intimate, is passionate about offering nurturing touch and healing to our world. She is honored to Serve humanity by creating a dialogue to engage the Mind, Body, and Spirit. She works with men, women and couples to create inspirational catalysts for change and growth in their lives. She is honored to Moderate this blog.
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