Sexuality and Spirituality

About Sexuality and Spirituality:

Often in today’s times, sex involves two people who seem to be only interested in satisfying their own needs. Sexuality is not meant to be indulgent. When you lie with another, you are allowing this person into your soul. The soul thrives with attachments; therefore you’re building something greater with the other person, whether you realize it or not.

Spiritual Sexuality teaches that:
• The body is the living temple of the spirit
• All desires of the body have their place in your experience. These should be used, not abused
• The spirit has given us appetites and desires. These are to be used to glorify unity, and not for selfishness alone
• Sexuality is sacred and it should be treated as such

There is nothing wrong with having a strong desire for sex. But what you do with your desire is the tricky part. We often become victims of our own sexuality, allowing our unchecked needs and desires to control our decisions. How many times have we allowed ourselves to be with people physically with whom we have no intention of continuing any sort of relationship? Yet we easily share our erotic spirit and bond ourselves to them. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to end a relationship with someone you don’t really want to be with?

Perhaps you remember what it felt like when you were not wanted any longer. It hurts because the soul has become attached, even though this may not have been the original intention. If you don’t have a healthy way to express your sexual desires, they become blocked in the body. Your thoughts tend to go toward sex more frequently. You may start to read about it, watch certain kinds of movies, and thus feed your erotic spirit. If you are ashamed of this desire and don’t understand why this feeling is taking over, you may begin to separate yourself from your spirit.

Now your soul is trying to be fed by any means necessaries. You may find yourself taking risks you haven’t taken in the past. This happens because you’re trying to deny what is beautiful and needed for the spirit. Allow yourself to come to a place of balance. If you’ve made a decision not to have a physical sex life, you must understand that desire must be channeled in other healthy ways.

Prayer, meditation using deep breathing, exercise, and service to others are ways to keep the body from being blocked. You may need to come to terms with the connections you’ve made in the past in order to allow your spiritual life to move forward into a new understanding. Know your boundaries. Take this responsibility seriously. An entire world, beginning with your own small world, hangs in the balance.

Goddess Blessings
Rev. Goddess Charmaine

About Rev. Goddess Charmaine

The Reverend Goddess Charmaine believes in the unification of the spiritual and the physical: to deny that we are sexual beings is to deny our very humanity. In her work, she seeks to enlighten and empower those affected by both societal and sexual issues through spiritual guidance, and sexual counseling where needed.
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