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We Demonize Female Sexuality – Even If the Sex is Forced Upon Her & Beyond Her Control

I want to illustrate how deeply the hating of women runs in our cultural psyche, and how subtle and difficult it is to detect – especially because of the evolutionary limitations of our brain’s capacity to distinguish reality, from noises, … Continue reading

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What IS Kundalini?

I was leading a workshop called The NEW Relationship Roadmap in Sedona, Arizona this weekend. One of the questions that came up during the workshop relates to something called “awakened kundalini” energy. So what is kundalini? If you have never … Continue reading

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I Love My Own Sexual Energy

I want to share a little secret that I have this week. I love my own sexual energy. Really. I totally accept and love it. My sexual energy makes me feel alive. You might even say I’m in love with … Continue reading

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When I Was 19, I Had an Experience With a Lover That Changed My Life

When I was 19, I had an experience with a lover that changed my life. Beginning with simple circular breathing, and slow, gentle touch, she and I fell into a cosmic sexual erotic bliss zone that lasted for several hours. … Continue reading

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This Amazing Dance of Sex, Spirituality, &Science is My Bliss

If you’ve been following my essays, you know that I was 11 years old when I received my first lesson from a tantric master. Since that time I’ve been fascinated by the subject of sex, and what goes on in … Continue reading

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We need to Cultivate a Scientific, Factually-Based View of Sex

I’ve been thinking lately about the need for a sexual bill of rights. A document that helps protect us from crazy despot dictators and insane religious leaders who view sex as an enemy combatant, or worse yet, a mortal sin … Continue reading

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