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Sex Creates Realities

from www.comradex.com Make no mistake about it: sex is power. Kingdoms rise and fall for sex. Societies legislate marriage to control sex. Churches advocate celibacy, on pain of hell. They want to keep the genie in the bottle. The raw … Continue reading

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The Secret of Continuous Orgasm

There is a pulse inside our bodies, deeper than heartbeat, below the level of synaptic firing. This pulse aligns us with the rhythm of life. This pulse attunes us to the music of creation. When we surrender to this trembling … Continue reading

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To Truly Open to Pleasure We Have to Explore the Unknown, Uncomfortable, & Unbelievable

I just finished shooting/directing a DVD on the subject of energetic-sex mastery. So this week, I thought it would be cool to share some insights on the subject. Firstly, what is energetic sexuality, or energy-sex? I sometimes call energy-sex hands … Continue reading

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