Tantic Energy Work ~ The Rev. Goddess Way!

Tantric Energy Work
Uniting Sex and Spirit!

What Is Tantric Energy Work?
Tantric energy work is a hands-on therapy incorporating prayer, body blessing, and body anointing. It involves use of a soft feather-light touch — not a ‘deep tissue’-style touch. Rev. Goddess uses her hands and parts of her body for honoring and healing your body-spirit. During the session, Rev. Goddess will also attend to, and give instruction for, any problems of sexual functioning.

The therapy, conducted in the nude, adheres to high standards of respect, cleanliness, and safety.

Tantra is a way of action — using your sexual energy to learn, heal, and to empower yourself. Realizing your sexual self is a good and important part of who you are. Utilizing touch, breath, visual imagery, and aroma, you can release yourself from fear, abuse and lack of desire, and return to sexual and spiritual power.

Sexual & Spiritual Empowerment and Healing
Sex is not a sin and passion is not a disease. Tantric energy work and massage are based on an understanding that all sensations in the body are a gift given by our creator. Sensations communicate to us and we send our vibrations to others. These sensations help us intuitively connect to our mates. All energy is strong within us, and we need an awareness of ourselves to heal issues at certain energy centers.

Sexual energy comprises a major center of power that can heal all other chakra points. Our ability to raise our sexual vibration can lead to enlightenment. The process of tantric energy work involving two people in sacred ritual work and cleansing exercises, or through tantric massage, will bring balance to body and soul. As we evolve to a state of spiritual mastery, heaven and sex become what they naturally are: One!

About Rev. Goddess Charmaine

The Reverend Goddess Charmaine believes in the unification of the spiritual and the physical: to deny that we are sexual beings is to deny our very humanity. In her work, she seeks to enlighten and empower those affected by both societal and sexual issues through spiritual guidance, and sexual counseling where needed.
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