The Secret of Continuous Orgasm

There is a pulse inside our bodies, deeper than heartbeat, below the level of synaptic firing.

This pulse aligns us with the rhythm of life. This pulse attunes us to the music of creation. When we surrender to this trembling pulsation, we explode into ecstasy.

Unlike an ordinary orgasm, this explosion continues – much like our heartbeat continues. It’s not a one-off event.

And unlike an ordinary orgasm, this pulse carries us into a whole new state of being.

This state has been available to us forever, just beneath the surface of our ordinary lives, just beyond the trance of separation.

I discovered this deep in my own body. You can too.

Oddly enough, the way we do sex now rarely gets us to this ecstasy.

If anything, common sexuality (which is mostly posturing and performance) PREVENTS us from reaching this deep state.

In common sex, we’re following a script – our own, or someone else’s.

In common sex, the gestures are too large – like the comical overacting of silent cinema.

We hold too much back, emotionally and psychologically. We’re not completely surrendered to the moment.

The pulse inside our bodies can only be heard when we’re present, in the here-and-now. Not when we’re distracted by the past or future.

The sound is drowned out by reruns, regrets and fantasies.

Be honest. How much of your mental chatter during sex is taken up by reruns, regrets and fantasies?

Forget about the mind. Ignore the chattering monkey in your head.

In this process, it’s useless. Once these words have pointed you in the right direction, it’s time to leave all thoughts behind.

What? Not be guided by my rational, logical, brilliant mind?

Yep, that’s right.

The direction here is inside your body, at the very roots of physical reality. That’s where you can pick up the pulse.

Buried treasure, deep in your body. Here and now. Nowhere else.

Are you man enough to stop your posturing and performing?

Are you man enough to trust the wisdom of your own excellent, miraculous body?

Dive into your body now. It will carry you into this endless ecstasy.

And from that new place, your lovemaking will change completely. No more overacting, no more wondering or worrying.

No, this naked pulse itself will carry you, and your partner, over the edge and into oneness.

Listen. It’s here right now, deep in your body.

Breathe! Can you feel its subterranean flow?

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