Uniting Sex and Spirit Within Us All

What is Sex? What is Spirit? How do you unite the two? Why would anyone want to?

We, as a society, are afraid of our true sexual natures. We are afraid of our true spiritual abilities. We must unite within, in order to unite without. If you can understand this, you already are on the way to seeing the vision of sex and spirit as one force, one energy.

Sex is genitalia. Sex is the act of being physical with your genitals for pleasure, procreation and or power! Spirit is consciousness ~ thought in action.

Imagine a new understanding of your sexual energy, the ability to transform because of this energy. What if it was possible to make everything around us new? What if you held this ability at the tip of your body? What would you do with it? Use it? Abuse it? Well, what do you think we’ve done so far? The cycle of violence occurs in great and small ways in all of us. We may say we will do something like lose weight in the New Year, or perhaps become a vegetarian, or take some time off. Whatever that may be, we don’t often support ourselves with the basics of self-love. This is largely because we were taught not to love our bodies and our sexual nature. The real love that exists physically is usually kept secret, or goes even deeper underground and becomes addiction. How sad it is that we are a powerful people that still shun the idea of sex and spirit!

Simply put, sex and spirit create the consciousness of our body as holy and as a vessel of pure energy. Sexually we create life ~ life in so many ways ~ life as love and loving, and better yet, being loved. How sweet it is to have been loved! Have you ever felt that floating feeling afterwards? We need to lift our understanding of sex as sacred and no longer profane. The act of power is in the consciousness. I am, because I am sexual!

The need for survival is innate. We shall continue life because it is our primal nature to do so. It is our spiritual perfection to evolve. Each generation of people can raise the spiritual vibration with acts of love unity and hope. We each need to take a close look at our personal relationship with our bodies. What kind of language do you speak to yourself? This is your consciousness: your true spiritual power in action. Regardless of sexual activity, this energy is used in all areas of your life. Whether you are gifted with celibacy or starving for love. You are channeling energy all the time. We need to realize that we are the power that maintains the vibration all around us, that and our direct connection to the ability to evolve comes from within. This stronghold within is maintained through your sexual connection.

There are several ways to start this process of balance. Lesson one ~ first begin by realizing and recognizing the voice of your body. How do you feel about your body? Get help in reconnecting. Alternative healers have become the way we are moving toward for the real “rough stuff” work! Bodywork, hypnosis, counseling, psychic readings, and many old and new techniques lead you back to yourself. Combined with traditional methods of healing, there is a real chance to grow and heal. Stop take a good long look at yourself, and say thank you to your body for being with you all these years!

May the blessings of The Great Goddess continue to be with us all!

Goddess Blessings

About Rev. Goddess Charmaine

The Reverend Goddess Charmaine believes in the unification of the spiritual and the physical: to deny that we are sexual beings is to deny our very humanity. In her work, she seeks to enlighten and empower those affected by both societal and sexual issues through spiritual guidance, and sexual counseling where needed.
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