What is a Sacred Intimate?

A Sacred Intimate is a teacher who takes you step by step into feeling more comfort, connection and pleasure in your body.  S/he guides you back to a state of recognizing,  experiencing and enjoying your body sensations.   We have been told to disregard and distrust the information percolating up from the gut, genitals, heart, and skin.  Instead, we are told to trust only our head or intellect.

This is an unbalance and dangerous way to live, as the mind is quick to play many tricks.  Separation from our body wisdom (that comes from the neck down) causes us to feel hurried, confused and unable to enjoy pleasure. We have moved from our natural evolution of living (slowly) in the body to a hyper-fast life of living in the mind.  A Sacred inmate is trained to reintegrate our body-mind-spirit as we were designed to live by nature.

A Sacred Intimate is trained to help a client re-sense his/her body information that is constantly available at every moment–teaching how one to notice.  By getting a student to listen to the simple and profound messages coming from the body, s/he can make decisions–whether in bed sexually, or out of bed in life–that are authentic, safe, empowering and pleasurable.

When it comes to sexuality, most of us do not understand how to create this container of safety.  A Sacred Intimate uses different body-based techniques such as conscious breath, intention, touch, expression of desire, individual choice, and permission to teach safe, conscious and passionate play.  Always coming back to what you ‘notice’ or ‘observe’ in your body, a client develops a sense of ‘being present’ in the moment, instead of being anxious about the future or depressed about the past.

Sensing and being able to verbalize what is going on in one’s own body is monumental for most people and expands one’s potential to be sexually at ease and feel pleasure.  Good sex is simply learning to feel more sensation in your body and interacting with others in a way that feels clear and full of choice.

How do we make embodiment sacred? Practicing the components of giving and receiving, expressing one desires as well as responding to other’s desires, make possible deep levels of extended sensual pleasure and arousal.  We can enter a delicious realms of deep surrender and ecstasy when encounters are based on consent and permission.

There is a physiological change that happens when we come from a deep sense of embodiment–especially if it is sacred embodiment, we can truly celebrate our commonality and communion with our partner and all life.  It refreshes and enlightens us.

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