What is sensual massage?

Sensual Massage is a safe way to experience more health, comfort and pleasure in your body.  It teaches you how to use intention, clear boundaries and choice to create a safe environment for your personal pleasure and empowerment.  In sensual massage you learn how to use your breath and focus your awareness to increase sensations and deepen innate body well being.

Unlike therapeutic massage, sensual massage allows you to choose whether you are draped, nude or partially clothed on the table.  You may elect to have your whole body massaged, including breasts and genitals, or not. You must clearly articulate your choices and give consent in sensual massage which exercises your personal expression of desires.

Although a sensual massage may include touching of the genitals and breasts, it is not to be confused with sexual massage.  A sexual massage is about the expectation of receiving genital stimulation to sexually excite and result in sexual release. Rather, the intent of a sensual massage is about loosing expectations of any ‘result’ allowing you to feel and enjoy your body more in each moment.

In sensual massage there is no goal of orgasm.  The goal is to fully explore techniques of breath and mind-focus to bring a timeless and treasured awareness of body joy.  You are coached in techniques that allow you to experience being relaxed and energized simultaneously.  You enjoy deep and prolonged states of suspension from ordinary awareness.  Whole body massage promotes sexual health, wellbeing and wisdom.

The person giving a sensual massage is a teacher, an educator, and not an entertainer or actor.  S/he teaches men, women and couples techniques of receiving that increase whole body ease, acceptance and pleasure.  You lose the need ‘to go’ somewhere, perform, or ‘do’ anything.

Women clients often learn to express what kind of touch they desire, especially hen they are not used to doing so. They learn to be aware and express their own rhythm and determine the pace and pressure of touch on their bodies. They learn to take pleasure for themselves instead of taking care of someone else.

Men often ‘sense’ their body in new ways. They experience their whole body as an instrument of pleasure. They no longer need to preform, have an agenda or need to ‘get somewhere’ with their pleasure.

Couples learn how to massage each other and discover new ways to please one another, new touching skills, new ways to talk about desires and boundaries, and ways to honor the whole body.

Sensual massage brings a renewed respect and spiritually to your sexuality where therapeutic or sexual massage does not. You feel wholesomeness that comes from massage that does not partition the body, judging some parts worthy and others not. Instead, whole body treats you as integral being, whole, natural, deserving of pleasure, and capable of profound states of connection and peace with yourself, your sexuality, and all life.

Charla Hathaway, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, American College of Sexologists, is trained in Esalen massage and offers private sensual massage at BodyJoy.org.  She also teaches classes in sensual/erotic massage for men, women and couples and is featured on the Discovery Channel, spring 2011.

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