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David Cates, Seattle:

David Cates

David Cates

David Cates is here to wake men the fuck up – by showing them the genuine power and pleasure of sex in tune with nature. After two decades in private practice, and another decade mentoring sexual healers and teachers, he is taking the word to the streets. The Sexual Healing Project puts the power tools of sexual healing into the hands of everyday couples and wannabe Sacred Intimates.

Please check out David’s Blog, and join the rowdy fun at: DeepMasculine.com

Charla Hathaway, Austin:

Sacred Intimate, Charla Hathaway

Charla Hathaway

Charla is a Sex and intimacy Coach in Austin, that part of Texas that isn’t Texas. She serves both men and women and specializes in coaching couples to find the sweetness and spark in their love life together. She has the knack of reaching mainstream people with an inviting message and is the author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal and 8 Erotic Nights: Passionate Encounters That Inspire Great Sex for a Lifetime. For more: BodyJoy.org

Betty Martin, Seattle:

Seattle Sex Coach, Sacred Intimate, Betty Martin

Betty Martin

Betty is a former holistic health care professional and loves the interplay of emotions, body and that ineffable notion called spirit. She serves men, women and couples but most of her excitement these days is in training and mentoring other SI’s in the area of professional clarity, assessment, boundaries and consent. (In a previous life she must have been a madam.) She is finishing up a book, The Lover’s Touch – Bringing your heart into your hands, a radical exploration of receiving and giving. For more: BettyMartin.org

Lawrence Lanoff, Los Angeles, Sedona:

Lawrence Lanoff

Lawrence Lanoff, Liberator of the Sexually Disempowered and tantric meditation master. He’s a social-satirist-sex-pundit, who questions beliefs and myths. He writes on sex, science, culture, and anything that crosses his mind and body. He is a professional photographer and veteran director/filmmaker.

Discover more about his books, workshops, and one on one transformational experiences here:  LawrenceLanoff.com

Don Shewey, New York:

Don Shewey

Don has been working as a bodyworker and Sacred Intimate for over 15 years, with training including Swedish and Esalen bodywork, and Shiatsu. He is a New York state-certified gestalt therapist, having completed a four-year clinical fellowship at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy. His work is grounded in many years’ experience with meditation practice, the study of yoga, men’s consciousness work, and community health activism. In addition, he has been a writer, editor, and journalist since 1975, writing extensively about sexuality, men’s health, and spirituality.

His Sacred Intimate practice: BodyAndSoulWork.com
His writing on sexuality, consciousness and theater: DonShewey.com

The Reverend Goddess Charmaine, New York:

Rev. Goddess Charmaine

The Reverend Goddess Charmaine believes in the unification of the spiritual and the physical: to deny that we are sexual beings is to deny our very humanity. In her work, she seeks to enlighten and empower those affected by both societal and sexual issues through spiritual guidance, and sexual counseling where needed. For Charmaine’s workshops, worship services and one-on-one sessions: SensuousMystic.com